Best Selling Unlocked Smartphones On Amazon

Researching for the best unlocked smartphone for your individual need and wants, can be overwhelming, and at times even pretty confusing. The smartphone industry is expanding at such a fast pace, it is hard to keep up. Especially with the explosion of prepaid carriers upon the scene of the US marketplace. Even some of the old big players, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, are now offering prepaid (pay as you go) and no contract mobile service to retain current customers, and to attract new mobile phone users who do not want to commit to a two year contract. These changes across the mobile landscape have created an increase in demand for unlocked smartphones from major brands like Samsung and Apple, plus fostered the growth of new unlocked smartphone brands like BLU and ASUS to enter the mobile phone arena.

Our 2015 Unlocked Smartphone Recommendations

Based on our research, we have found that buyers of new unlocked smartphones want to find the phone that is right for them, one that fits their individual needs. In addition, after finding that right phone, people want to know is it going to perform like the company states? Or is going to be one of those buys that you wish you had never made, and now are stuck with a new smartphone you hate to use, and have spent your budgeted money. Yuck! No one likes that feeling in the pit of their stomach. We have discovered the best way to avoid that feeling, is to find good, solid and honest reviews from consumers who already own the unlocked smartphone that you are thinking of purchasing. No sense in risking your hard earned money. That’s why we went to the largest online retailer in the world, for our unlocked smartphone recommendations. They not only offer some of the best competitive pricing on unlocked mobile phones, but also have the most honest reviews from real people who have already purchased the items we recommend. Good Honest Reviews + Competitive Pricing = A Great Deal For You! Plus we have uncovered the secrets to effectively buy a unlocked smartphone on Amazon and save money big time, and best of all, we’re going to share them with you.

Amazon Fire Phone 32 GB Unlocked

amazonfirephoneOptimized for 4G LTE and supporting the 3G and 2G on GSM networks, the Amazon Fire phone is highly recommended. Not only by us, but with a 4 star review rating on, and with over 6,900 reviews given from consumers, it’s not difficult to see why this unlocked smartphone is a top seller. This phone is compatible in the U.S. with all GSM networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket Wireless, Brightspot, Simple Mobile, Mobal, Net10, Straight Talk, h20 Wireless, and OneSimCard.

Plus comes with Dynamic Perspective, Mayday, and Firefly that are unique features that are only available on the Amazon Fire smartphone. Moreover, Amazon offers some very special incentives for buying this phone, such as, free membership in Amazon Prime for one year, a $99.00 value.

Shop for an Amazon Fire Phone 32 GB Unlocked

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